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This actually happened in Port Orange, but it would not accept that location above.Last night my son, a college student and his girlfriend went to eat there at about 8:30.

I got a text saying "thanks for the counterfeit $100 mom." They ran it though a machine and held it up to lilght and would not take it." So, I made sure he had the bill.

Today I took it to a store that I know checks bills the same way, and guess what? It went through with no problem.

I submit to you several explanations: they were within 1 1/2 hours of closing, and were to lazy to even think about opening the safe and getting change out, perhaps the deposit was done to early. Perhaps they did not trust my college age son, and he was discriminated against because, even though he is well-mannered in public (yes, I know for a fact, even without me)they did not want to trust him, so they lied. Perhaps their machine is faulty, or the person did not know how to read it correctly, had not been trained on it properly.

Either way, ther error rests with Daily Grind.If it had not passed the test at the other store, I would simply have not gotten the products, and apologized, so I don't feel I did anything wrong.

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Van Buren, Arkansas, United States #608708

If the store clerk committed an error, you cannot accept that people are fallible?

Bay City, Michigan, United States #606821

all you have to do is take it to a bank--not a credit union, and have them check it.simple.

Try not to accuse the restaurant of something nefarious until you have some proof.

Wild accusations do not become you.:sigh

to nikalseyn #608622

A.Credit Unions will do the same thing (at least, they should for anyone, and they definitely will if You're a shareholder)


How do You know that wild accusations do not become her? Maybe they do. Maybe She's otherwise a nice person, but is a pathological liar or don't You know a few people that are great people in all aspects of their personality, but have the misfortune of having a mental handicap or disease? Even if You don't, You can't accept that this is a complication for the majority of our society?

You prejudiced bigot.Might as well get on then with Your perfect life ...and they say most of Michigan's population is a waste of flesh and bone...

to Anonymous #610609

I agree if you're an example of someone from Michigan of being a waste of flesh and bone. Can't include the brain when there isn't apparently one. See what you feel like when it happens to you before calling others names

to nikalseyn #608629

Going further on the tangent of the restaurant having some kind of fault, if the bill was checked by the same method at a separate establishment, and was proven to be authentic, then someone/ thing in the restaurant is culpable. While it is true that places of business have the right to refuse basically anything to anyone at any time for practically any reason, this would not be good business practice, and would therefore try to avoid such situations and make things more simple and convenient for customers (by adding machines like check/ bill authenticators, adopting practices such as keeping extra change nearby, and customer service policies -e.g. "the five foot rule")

to nikalseyn Daytona Beach, Florida, United States #610379

nikalseyn--how do you know what becomes me or not?

to S0_Sad #608626

If refusing a bill, then why lie about it? Makes no sense...

to S0_Sad #610381

If they're to lazy to take the bill all they have to do is say

"sorry I don't have enough cash in the drawer, the safe is locked for the night," etc.

I personally, do not run around with a huge wad of cash with me, one single $100 looks like less money in my wallet from a distance than 5 $20's would.I would carry whatever I had to and expect an establishment to handle it.

Apparently it was not yet closing time.

You deal with it!:(

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